Mandeo River Environment Interpretation Centre in Chelo


The “River Environment Interpretation Centre” in Chelo is situated at a strategic point of the river Mandeo, just at the end of the entrenchment which characterises the middle section.

Chelo, situated in the Site of Community Importance (SIC) Betanzos-Mandeo, is home to the most faithful example of the typical river ecosystem in this area. The dense Atlantic vegetation, extending from the banks of the Mandeo to the steep slopes which flank this section, creates an area which stands out for its beautiful landscapes and natural values.

It was no coincidence that Chelo was declared a Scenic Site in 1971, and nowadays it is situated within the boundaries of the SIC and the Special Protection Area with Natural Values of Betanzos-Mandeo. Furthermore, the Chelo mill, one of the most exceptional examples in the whole of the Gulf of Artabro, can be found nearby as well as the Azud de Chelo, which is the base of the Mandeo Fishing Reserve, well-known in the north eastern part of the peninsula for its abundant fish farming and the length of the salmon fishing stretch of the river.

The Centre is aimed at infants and children and contains a wealth of resources which they can use to learn how to value and understand the richness of the river Mandeo area. The Centre hopes to make young people aware of the importance of respecting the environment and learning to value the river Mandeo through games and experimentation.

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